Security Safes – Keep Burglars in Bay

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Burglary and theft are quite common in families, offices, shops and lots of other areas where valuables are stored. Rather than investing in burglar alarms, motion detectors, security cameras and so on, it’d be a lot more sensible and easy to just invest in safety protected.

Having a set of electronic or magnetic locks, a biometric security system along with an electronic combination lock, security protected is more than sufficient to dissuade even the most constant burglar.

Security Safes


Security safes can be found in various shapes, sizes and safety attributes. The simplest safes possess physical locking methods, that could be opened with a key or by placing a specific number mix with dials or gear-wheels.

You will find security safes with electronic number locks; those safes include a keypad with or without a screen geld kluis. The consumer enters a predefined code through the keypad, which locks or opens the safe.

The code may be a series of numbers or alpha-numeric. These safes normally have electronic or magnetic locks which are very, very hard to break through. They need a power supply to work, but can also be equipped with quite durable batteries for backup in the event of a power failure.

Biometric safes offer you the most safety – they use specific computer systems which identify physical routines on an individual to identify them and provide or deny access to. Biometric safes have an advantage over other safes, as only registered users may get the contents of the protected.

In the rest of the safes, it’s possible for other people to get entry to the codes used to unlock and open the safes, however in the event of biometric safes, it’s not in any way possible. That is because biological routines such as fingerprints and voice patterns are somewhat exceptional, and the technology to replicate these don’t exist.

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