August 15, 2020

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Manifesting the Kingdom of God on Earth

Construction Based on the divine blueprint

Let’s correctly define the idea of present day reality. Current day fact can be described as the term that God is highlighting in the present epoch. But, present day fact isn’t a new fact, but the fact that God is reverberating within this epoch.

Manifesting the Kingdom

With that said, I’m completely convinced that God is calling the church to come back to the ancient temples of the forefathers. Ancient temples can be described as the first routine or modus operandi of building the kingdom of God in the world realm Soul Manifestation review. God commanded Moses to build the tabernacle according to the celestial pattern shown to him to the mountain.

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We will explore three incredibly significant steps of creating the kingdom of God in the world realm. Three measures of bettering the kingdom;

  • Minding the routine -Spirit
  • Decoding the routine – Soul
  • Construction the routine – Body

I need us to change our focus towards the scriptures even as we research this topic in detail. It’s in the book of Genesis where we derive the subject of the Bible along with the first goal of God for humankind. My strategy would be to systematically explore every step at a time in a quest to present a step-by-step approach of how to illustrate the realm. As much as man is that a soul has a soul and lives in a body, the realm of God is threefold. There are three measurements of the Kingdom of God specifically;

  • The kingdom in – Character
  • The kingdom one of – Soul
  • The kingdom upon- Body

Let’s correctly dissect the above-mentioned part of scripture. Let’s revisit the accounts of creation. We see the three persons of the Godhead from the production account. We will need to comprehend the roles played by each person of the Godhead from the production account. Let’s correctly decode Genesis 1.

That is exactly what transpired. Christ subsequently functions as the pattern and also the celestial pattern that guy should follow. The Holy Spirit has been responsible for decoding and translating that which was spiritual to the physical. There’s a celestial protocol which needs to be followed until the Kingdom of paradise can infiltrate the ground realm. The Identical modus operandi was followed closely at the conception and birth of Jesus Christ.”

.Note the way Jesus was born. Keep in mind in the book of Genesis the Spirit of God was hovering on the face of the deep. In accordance with Strongs concordance that the Hebrew term for proceeded is 7363 rachaph which translates flutter, shake. A primitive root; to brood; by consequence, to be relaxed — flutter, shake. The crude origin of this phrase”chap” is to brood. The term brood easy way of a bird sitting on eggs.

It’s notable that there’s a parallel connection between the accounts of creation as well as the conception of the Messiah. The frequent denominator is the Holy Spirit played a significant job of birthing the spiritual to the organic. The principle which we may extrapolate from the above scriptures is that the Holy Spirit has an integral function of manifesting the realm of heaven in the world.

Romans 1:20.

The principle that’s taken out of the text over is that, the invisible (spiritual things) are known through the observable (the physical). We will need to notice that the religious cannot be interpreted to the physical in the absence of the person of the Holy Spirit. The golden rule is that, the religious can’t come into the bodily unless throughout the entire body.

Mankind joins to God through the soul because God is a Spirit and he links to the physical universe throughout the body. It had been not possible for God to bypass this principle in spite of the fact he has all of the super powers to achieve that. That’s the principal reason for God manifesting from the earthly kingdom through human flesh.

It’s clear in this text which God took the kind of a human being to obtain lawful entry to the domain of humanity . The purpose that I’m attempting to drive home is that, there’s a protocol which needs to be followed closely to get the kingdom of heaven to manifest on earth realm. Let’s correctly define the kingdom.

A kingdom is”the regulating effect of a king within his land, influencing it with his private will, purpose, and goal, creating a civilization, morals, values, and lifestyle which reflect the king’s needs and character because of his citizens.” For the purpose of this guide, we’re likely to premise that our case on this particular definition of this kingdom.

The word kingdom consists of two phrases namely king + dom- domain name. Now every Kingdom includes a king and each king gets the domain. From the realm of God, God is the king and the ground is the domain name.

Measures of manifesting the realm

I’d love to extend a systematic solution to the way do we incarnate the realm of heaven whilst we live on the earth realm. The question which the majority of individuals are requesting is that, how do the realm of God be manifest on earth realm and from whom? I want us to concentrate on the 3 measures of manifesting the realm mentioned in the introduction of the article in reacting to the queries raised.

Minding the pattern-Spirit

It is of cardinal importance for people to understand the essence of the king in our search to manifest his kingdom. Be aware of the procedure that God followed at the construction of the tabernacle of Moses. The main step was that the downloading of this routine. God called Moses his servant into the peak of the mountain so for him to download the pattern of the tabernacle.

Keep in mind we mentioned earlier that if God assembles, he constructs so as to show himself. Let’s return to our definition of this Kingdom. We said that a”kingdom is a governing effect of a king within his land, influencing it with his private will, purpose, and purpose.” For that reason, it behooves us to know and understand that the will, purpose, and intent behind this king (God). The principle is that each time God assembles, he follows a blueprint (Christ).

I’ve researched the total Bible; it’s evident that God follows a pattern each time he assembles something. Keep in mind that at the accounts of creation God utilized the blueprint to make the heaven and the earth (Christ). Recognizing Christ (blueprint) is crucial to us since everything we build here in the world should conform to our own routine and regular (Christ).

The question is, how do we download the routine? The response to this question is straightforward; the word of God functions as the supreme blueprint that we need to follow. Keep in mind it’s written of Christ at the loudness of the book (Bible). It behooves us to familiarize ourselves with all the word of God in this manner it is inserted and invisibly in our daily life.

The word of God (will, purpose, and aim of this king) should make a civilization, values, morals, and lifestyle which reflect the essence of the king (God). Remember that humankind is a soul that has a soul and lives in a single body. Therefore, each measure depicts an element of an individual being.

Downloading of this routine is connected with the soul dimension of a humanity. My assumption is that the Word of God functions as the celestial language, civilization, values of the realm of God. With that said, it’s to cascade into the size of the soul until it could be entrenched within our ancestral civilization. The celestial culture can’t be interpreted into the Portuguese civilization without going via the spirit measurement.

Remember we mentioned before that humankind joins God through the soul. The reason is that God is a Spirit thus humankind joins with Him through the soul rather than the body or soul. The spirit measurement functions as the bridge between the soul and the human anatomy. Downloading the routine can be linked to the prophetic ministry.

The basic job of the prophetic is to get the celestial blueprint and blueprint to be followed by people and from the corporate body of Christ. Be aware that leaders are prophetic but not all believers operate in the office of the prophet. With that said, each believer needs to be in a position to listen to and identify the voice of God (routine ) in regards to their lifestyles. Let’s return into the tabernacle of Moses.

When we research Moses, we follow his lineage out of Levi the son of the patriarch Jacob (Israel). The tribe of Levi had the elegance configuration of this prophet because they ministered in the existence of God. Moses specifically was working in the prophetic office. Deuteronomy 33:8. We must keep in mind the Thummim, as well as the Urim, said in the text over were the decorations of their priests under the Levitical priesthood functioning since the roadmap and navigation system into the priests.

Decoding the routine – Soul

Decoding the routine is the second measure to be followed in manifesting the realm of God on the earth realm. The gist of this point is all about understanding and assimilating the routine downloaded at the initial phase deliberated above. To decode only ways to know better that which was encoded. Quite often, it isn’t easy to understand the divine language, culture, values, morals, and lifestyle downloaded over. The religions are constantly stoned, which makes it impossible for a normal human beings to comprehend. Let’s return to the book of Genesis. Genesis 2:7.

Let’s interrogate this particular text. We see God forming guy from the dust from the floor – but nevertheless, man wasn’t a living soul before God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (Ruach). Remember that God created man in his image (Divine Nature Activated) at Genesis 1:26 but guy wasn’t yet a living soul till Genesis 2:7.

The principle is that, the religious can simply be altered and translated to the bodily through the spirit. It’s in the spirit measurement that the religious is processed to the physical. Simply place; the character of God was shown on the ground realm throughout the living soul (Adam). Let’s research the 3 measurements of humankind by analyzing the first Adam.

The need for God in this year is for his private will, goal and aim to be embedded and entrenched in his or her people. That’s the only means in which the kingdom of God could be shown on the earth realm. Let’s correctly dissect this particular text. It’s notable that metamorphosis can just happen in the spirit dimension rather than the soul and body measurement. The principle that’s emphasized by this text is that individuals can just incarnate the realm of God throughout the renewal of their brain; recall that thoughts forms part of their soul.

Remember our definition of this kingdom. . A kingdom is”the regulating effect of a king within his land, influencing it with his private will, purpose, and purpose, producing a civilization, morals, values, and lifestyle which reflect the king’s needs and character to his citizens.” Let’s dissect this respect to excavate the hidden nuggets of fact.

King- God is your king

  • Territory; the ground is the domain name of God based on Isaiah 66:1
  • Governing sway; colonizing the ground with the gospel of this kingdom
  • Effect; impacting the ground with all the celestial nature
  • Personal will, Purpose, and Intent; the character of this king(God) shown on earth realm through humanity producing
  • Culture, Values, Morals, and Lifestyle; the essence of the king (God) manifested from the soul and bodily measurement.
  • It’s clear that the character of God could only be manifested via the soul-mind, will, purpose, and aim of humankind. With that said, humanity can partake in the divine nature through the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit is your bridge between the religious and the bodily.
  • We heard in the book of Genesis that the spirit is the extract of the Spirit of God and the bodily (flesh).Simply place the dust of the floor + the breath of God= alive spirit.
  • The spirit is that the mid-point between the religious and the physical kingdom.
  • The spiritual kingdom can’t meet with the bodily kingdom except through the spirit.
  • Just as much as the original Adam entered to the physical world through the spirit, the last Adam (Christ) entered the physical world through the spirit.

Let’s return into the tabernacle of Moses. Moses downloaded the blueprint but he did not interpret the routine to something physical. The partitioning phase is linked to the apostolic. The main use of the apostolic would be to interpret the spiritual to the physical throughout the spirit measurement. I’ve researched the life and elegance configuration of Judah the son of Jacob (Israel).

During my analysis, I arrived at the end that; Judah owned and apostolic grace. My assumption is that the Messiah is by the lineage of Judah, the tabernacle of Moses was constructed from the tribe of Judah, the tabernacle of David was constructed by Judahthe temple of Solomon was constructed by Judah along with the rebuilding of the temple of Solomon was constructed by Judah.

It’s clear in this text which the tabernacle of Moses was constructed by Bezaleel who’s in the lineage of Judah. Judah has the chance to interpret what is spiritual to the physical (tangible).

Construction the blueprint (Christ)

The final stage in our version is building in agreement with the design. In other words, this point is about showing and manifesting the routine (Christ) in our daily lives through our way of life and what we do. At this phase, the celestial civilization, values, lifestyle, and morals are embedded and profoundly entrenched in us.

This is the greatest point that I predict colonization. After the kingdom becomes the realm amongst and also the kingdom one becomes the kingdom upon. At this phase, the imperceptible is known through the observable, the religious through the organic.