Average Carpet Cleaning Prices Per Room

The average national price of carpet cleaning isn’t too terribly high, at least not in the U.S. With most homeowners covering at least some of the costs, the national average price of carpet cleaning isn’t too terribly high. Keep in mind that some larger rooms may be billed separately as two separate rooms local carpet cleaning service Boise. Many carpet cleaners also offer a membership package where you can own up to three rooms cleaned each month for an annual total of $60/year, or twelve rooms and stairs cleaned per year…

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When determining carpet cleaning prices, keep in mind that prices are based on the square footage to area ratio. The larger the area in which to work, the higher the price. If you only need one or two rooms cleaned per month, you should probably consider either a basic rental or a simple one-bed residence with two-wall carpeting.

Average Carpet Cleaning

Of course, there’s also a method of measuring water extraction when it comes to water usage. Experts measure water usage by cubic feet per hour, which is the same as gallons per minute. To measure water use, simply take a measurement of the carpet and multiply it by fifteen to get the water used per minute. (I’ve seen a chart online that measures water consumption in gallons per minute, but that measurement doesn’t make much sense – there’s no “per minute” cap on the measurements, and the fifteen gallon measurement is totally inaccurate.) The idea is to give an approximation of water usage.

So what factors go into the pricing? Price varies depending on the carpet size and the service you’re getting. Some smaller carpets require less frequent steam cleaning, while heavily soiled carpets call for more frequent cleanings. Also, prices vary according to the service level – a highly trained specialist costs more, but may do a more thorough job.

You can usually find the average carpet cleaning costs per room in your local yellow pages, or by consulting an expert. Keep in mind that prices are usually quoted for one-hour services – estimates may include weekly or bi-weekly or monthly visits, and prices will vary accordingly. One hour or less of labor costs less than a full hour of work, but hourly rates vary wildly from place to place.

My goal is to help you keep your carpets clean because a clean carpet looks so gorgeous and keeps your home feeling fresh and new. There are things you can do to help lower the national average carpet cleaning prices per room. Start by hiring a professional carpet cleaner, who will not only get the job done but take pride in his work and treat you with respect.

Final Words

Hire only those technicians who use industry-leading equipment and chemicals. A professional cleaner who uses the best products on the market will save you time, effort, and money – and make your carpets feel brand new for years to come.

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