Choosing a Driving Instructor Car

When choosing a car for your driving lesson, you should think about the size and age of your learners. Most instructors will choose a smaller car, such as a supermini, although they can also choose a larger vehicle if their students will benefit from the experience. Today, crossover SUVs are popular, so if you are unsure of what to choose, try a Ford Fiesta. These small cars are efficient, safe, and inexpensive to fuel.

Driving Instructor Car

Another option for a driving instructor car is a supermini, such as a Renault Clio. It has good visibility and is easy to drive. A Renault Clio has a 1.2-liter petrol engine that makes it ideal for urban driving lessons.

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The resulting cost savings are considerable. In addition, the Fabia is a budget supermini, which is ideal for urban driving lessons Driving Schools East London. A Volkswagen Polo is another great option, with a larger interior, but still a low price.

When it comes to choosing a driving instructor car, the best option is a family hatchback. The current-generation Astra provides good handling, a decent engine line-up, and frugal petrol and diesel. It also offers excellent all-around visibility.

You can also choose a small crossover SUV. Many of these cars are bigger than the average supermini and will give your students the best experience. Aside from these benefits, it’s essential to look at the fine print before deciding on a car for your needs.