DNA Diet For Good Health

The DNA diet is the latest fad diet that promises to help you live longer, healthier lives. It’s also called the DNA-omega3 diet and was created by DNA health guru of custom supplements. His new company has received funding from the National Institute of Health, so it’s serious business. But is the DNA diet for good health actually real? There are some things you need to know before deciding to follow the DNA diet for good health and how it can affect you.

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Diet For Good Health

In the last decade, Dr. Hari Qadir and his team had developed and tested a series of diets and supplements that are based on analyzing the DNA of people. A DNA diet is simply a diet that offers only plant-based foods according to the DNA of the person consuming the food. If the DNA analysis shows that the person consumes enough raw vegetable and fruit then the person is on a healthy weight diet. However, some DNA diet companies say that analyzing one’s DNA can actually determine which diet is best for a person’s health.

Final Words

If you want to make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet based on DNA, then you’ll probably want to eat a raw vegetarian diet for about 45 days. After that, you can start increasing your plant-based dietary intake slowly. If you find that you do get sick or tired easily, then you may want to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. But remember, any DNA testing you undergo should be performed by a professional DNA doctor to ensure accuracy and that the DNA test results are reliable.