How to Save Money Buying Laptops For College

As technology advances, so do laptop deals from places like Best Buy and CompUSA. These electronics stores are constantly updating their inventory so that they have the best selection. If you’re looking for the best laptop deals, there are several places to look.

These stores are consistently offering huge savings on the latest models of both laptops and desktops. The biggest savings will be on models that have everything you need and want.

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One of the laptop for programming and gaming deals available right now comes courtesy of Best Buy. Best Buy is reducing the price of select laptops by as much as 40% so that they can take advantage of reduced demand and high supply. Best Buy is also taking over ten percent off select notebooks with prices beginning as low as $ 199.

Save Money Buying Laptops For College

Best Buy’s sales include discounts on MacBooks, touch screens, gaming systems, and more. This means that you could pay full price for one of these incredible notebooks, but if you look around you’ll find that Best Buy is having very generous sales on models that lack some of the bells and whistles.

For instance, you might pay full price for a two-processor notebook with one touch screen, but if you look at Best Buy you’ll find options like a two-processor notebook with four touch screens, or a four-processor notebook with one touch screen and two processors.

Two other great electronic stores are Sears and CompUSA. They each have many locations nationwide and are great for people who aren’t searching for a specific type of laptop, such as an Apple product. Both of these stores have terrific tablet and touch display options, including models from Dell, Acer, HP, and others.

Sears and CompUSA

If you’re looking for the best deals on college laptops, you should consider shopping at Best Buy and CompUSA. Each of these stores carries a large selection of brands, including Acer, Dell, HP, Sony, Toshiba, and many others. Since college students usually need the most portable, powerful, and useful laptop possible, you’ll likely find these models in abundance.

Plus, these models are usually packed with great features, including extended battery life, wide screen size, optical mice, high-def video camera, and plenty of memory. Even if you don’t fall into the laptop category, you can still find a great bargain. It just may take a little bit of searching.

Another way to save money when it comes to college laptops is to look for college textbook rentals. Sometimes companies will send you a laptop upon request so that you don’t have to buy one right away.

Keep in mind that most of the textbooks that you can rent come with limited-edition print runs, meaning that you won’t have nearly as many options when it comes to picking out the books that you want to read.

You also won’t get a lot of extra storage space, but at least you can hold on to your textbooks until your next semester when you can return them and pick new ones from the shelf. The best textbook rental companies usually offer free delivery.

Overall, it’s important to remember how much you’re willing to pay for a laptop. If you need the most portability and performance, you should save up and buy a machine right now.


If you’re more interested in a sleek, stylish, and powerful desktop, then look for the best deals in the market for a touch screen model. Whatever your needs are, you’ll probably be able to find the perfect laptop for your college life!