Ladakh Road Trip

In India you can choose a road trip from many different options as per terrain, weather, Landscapes and more. And in different regions, you can plan a road trip from the Himalayan regions to the shores of southern India. Among all of these, Ladakh road trip( is gaining popularity since the last decade. Every rider who is adventure enthusiast wants to ride on the terrains of Ladakh.

Hamburg, Speicherstadt, Channel, Houses

So that he can fulfill his dream of riding a bike on the roads of Ladakh and exploring the difficult terrain of Leh Ladakh on two wheels. Leh Ladakh road trip should be on the top of your bucket-list because Ladakh offers all the options under one roof for bike adventure enthusiasts. On a Ladakh road trip you can ride on the highest highway in the world, and you can also explore other higher trails, the high-altitude water bodies, the Buddhist temples which has a more advantageous geographical location and rich cultural heritage.

Weather, terrain and road ahead

If you have made the decision for Ladakh road trip then the weather and terrain should not bother you. So, be prepared for the weather of Ladakh and don’t let it take you by surprise  which can ruin your bike travel experience. Therefore, it is best to plan after a well research about the weather, terrain and the roads of Ladakh. Then prepare yourself accordingly. Backpack your luggage, required gears for the road trip to Ladakh and most importantly – type of bike as per the terrain and conditions that you may encounter on your Leh Ladakh road trip. On this road trip you may experience strong winds on the windshield, so, arm the bike accordingly and suit yourself in layered clothing. As Ladakh is on a higher altitude, so the sunshine may harm your skin. Therefore use sunscreen into the dessert area during sunny-days.

How to choose a bike for Ladakh road trip?

If you are planning the road trip in Ladakh then the bike they rent are all equipped well for Leh Ladakh terrain. But if you are planning a road trip to Ladakh from Delhi, Manali or Jammu, then you need to consider few things. Some of the bikes which riders consider for a Leh Ladakh road trip:

  • Royal Enfield Himalaya (411cc)
  • Royal Enfield Classic (500cc)
  • Royal Enfield Standard (500cc)
  • Royal Enfield Classic (350cc)
  • Royal Enfield Electra (350cc)
  • Royal Enfield Standard (350cc)
  • Bajaj Avenger (220cc)

However almost all bike models can be used for the road trip to Ladakh. But, there are some technical need that certain bike needs in order to meet the required condition for the road trip ahead.

In Leh Ladakh road trip you have to cover a great distance. And long trips want comfort for your pillion rider and yourself. On large motorcycles long-distance travel is more convenient. Certain models of mobile motorcycles can better meet the specific needs, especially long-distance travel.

Few other things to consider when choosing a bike:

  • A larger fuel tank
  • Wind protection
  • Plenty of storage available


Make sure your luggages on the bike are waterproofed properly, not only because of rain but the small streams you have to cross on the way to Ladakh. Please note that a large bag attached to the rear of the motorcycle may cause the vehicle to become unstable.