Mental Health Clinic Treatment

A mental health clinic provides comprehensive clinical care by way of psychologists, psychiatrist, social workers, licensed counselors, and other health care specialists. Clients in such a clinic get individual, family, couple, and group counseling, usually in up to 2 weekly sessions.

Health Clinic Treatment

Family therapy covers a broad spectrum of topics such as dealing with the death of a loved one; adjustment to post-loss circumstances; divorce, marriage, and rearing; sibling rivalry; anger; anxiety; depression; eating disorders; and substance abuse.

Depression, Sadness, Autism, Body

A mental health clinic that is accredited by The American Psychological Association and/or the Commission on Mental Health Services may also provide specific treatment for autism, schizophrenia, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders However, in a majority of instances, these behavioral health clinics do not offer any special treatment.

In a well-equipped clinic, patients get individual, family and group counseling, normally in up to 4 weekly sessions. Counseling usually covers a wide array of issues such as coping with death and loss, dealing with the loss of a loved one, adjustment to post-loss circumstances, parenting, anger, anxiety, depression, adjustment to work and life situations, rebuilding trust after divorce, sexuality, substance abuse and eating disorders.

A number of mental health professionals such as licensed counselors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and nurses attend to each patient. Patients are encouraged to make their own private visits if they are interested. Occasionally, private therapists and family members join the sessions to help the patients with their personal problems.

Sometimes, in order to help a person suffering from schizophrenia, an inpatient mental health treatment center would need to turn to adolescents. In such cases, the adolescent treatment center would have a special unit just for adolescents. Specialty units are generally located in departments that deal with psychological disorders including schizophrenia. Family therapy is also offered by some centers.