Party Ideas for a Reading Party

A reading party is one that involves the participants in a group. Reading, in this sense, does not necessarily mean reading a book. It could also mean, watching movies, or playing board games In any case, the aim of the reading party is to enjoy a time of sharing and attention. The purpose of these parties can differ immensely and it depends largely on the interests and tastes of the people hosting it. These parties can be educational or purely entertainment-based.

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While planning a reading party, you need to pay attention to the number of people you are inviting, as well as the kind of activities they might enjoy. You do not have to plan an expensive party. Simple handouts and invitations suffice. You can easily plan a reading party on a small budget if you have a big family or friends coming over for the occasion. As long as you know how many guests will come and what kind of activities they will enjoy, you can plan a wonderful reading party on a small budget.

Ideas for a Reading Party

When planning a reading party, you need to look for interesting reading party ideas that fit your guests’ interests. For instance, if all the guests love historical fiction books, you can plan a party on a historical topic, such as World War II. If children are at the party, make sure they enjoy the same kind of activities. Reading party ideas are very flexible, so you can choose one that is right for your guests.

Reading party ideas are more successful when you provide plenty of snacks and refreshments. You can serve cookies and crackers for dessert. Try serving a variety of refreshments, such as fruit and chips, cookies, and other finger foods, so your guests do not get bored. You can also serve some healthy refreshments, such as trail mix or yogurt, that your guests can snack on during the rest of the evening.

There are many fun ways to celebrate a reading party, but having a “read-aloud” type of party is a lot of fun. Plan to read for hours, and have people read along with you. Have a prize for the reader of the best story. For extra party favors, why not collect postcards from all the guests, and post them in a small purse, or box, with each guest’s name and the date of the party.

Final Words

To make reading party ideas more exciting, why not hire a professional reader. Reading groups and professionals read short stories, novels, and other reading material regularly. You could encourage group activity, such as playing charades or asking the guests to guess what books they’ve read. This type of party is sure to be remembered by the guests as one of the most fun they’ve ever had. So, plan a reading party for the whole family today!

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