R C Air Conditioning – Features and Advantages

R C air conditioning was first introduced in the market in the year nineteen eighty-nine and since then it has grown to become one of the most popular forms of cooling equipment. The main reason for this popularity is that it is very simple and easy to use.

R C Air Conditioning

The other main reason is that it is environmentally friendly and also extremely effective in temperature regulation. There are many types of air conditioners available in the market but the most common ones are the split units, evaporative cooler, heat pump, and heat exchanger condenser.

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Some of the R C air conditioning systems are split units. In a split air conditioning system, the compressor is located outdoors and the condenser is installed indoors HVAC Columbia SC. This type of air conditioning system consumes less power because the refrigerant gas produced by the compressor is distilled. Also, the indoor unit does not need venting and also provides high efficiency.

Another form of R C air conditioning is the heat pump unit. This is a separate piece of equipment and only needs water for its function. It sucks in warm air from the inside and releases it outside to provide cool air. The pump also reduces noise levels and is also energy efficient.