Resume Format – 2 Different Resumes Format For Digital Marketing Skill Set

There are two resume formats that you ought to consider depending on whether you have a lot or no digital marketing experience so far. If you do not have any digital marketing or social media marketing experience at all, a more functional resume is best keithen lewis. This kind of resume puts the focus on skills rather than work experience (more about how to put your skills in your resume later). It is also shorter and more direct.

Student, Typing, Keyboard, Text, Startup

The most recent trend in digital marketing skills is to focus on skills rather than portfolios. A good example of this would be designers creating short video advertisements. These sorts of marketers already have an attention for design and aesthetics, so the addition of videos makes sense.

Format For Digital Marketing Skill Set

You can also put your digital marketing skills to use by making an advertisement for a product you used, or even a video you made as a student with no money for an internship, showing off your work during college. You can even put your resume as a designer in any of these kinds of ads.

If you do have some digital marketing skills and experience, there are still options available for you. You can choose to put them in a resume header to emphasize your skills instead of your portfolio (which should be your primary focus.) Another option would be to put them in a separate document in your word processing program. You can also create a graphic header to use with your resume.


This will allow you to put your digital marketing resume in one part of your resume and let it stand out as something unique to you instead of just another digital marketing resume template. Either way, it’s a great way to make yourself stand out and get noticed.