What Xamarin Offers To Developers

Many people have started asking this question: Which is better, Xamarin Mobile or Xamarin Web? Well, as a developer, it is up to you which one to use. Both these tools are equally beneficial and have their own merits.

Xamarin Offers

However, when it comes to an in-depth technical comparison, the truth remains that Xamarin offers many more benefits than the Web. For those who are still unaware of this, here is all you need to understand about why it’s becoming so popular for mobile app development these days.

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When compared to other similar tools, most mobile app developers find that Xamarin offers them the best value for their money Xamarin app development. With features such as support for Android, iPhones, and Windows Mobile, along with a myriad of templates, it is hard for others to compete with it.

With such a huge number of applications out there, you can never go wrong with this particular tool. Developers find it easy to build apps using the drag-and-drop interface, which even requires lesser code. If your app doesn’t require complex functionality, then you can use the ready-made templates to make it as simple as possible.

The next big benefit is price. Xamarin is available at a much lower price than other similar tools and it allows for greater flexibility. In this competitive industry, nothing can be too affordable. Developers find that the average cost of developing a simple mobile app through the Xamarin platform is just under $500.

With features such as rapid application delivery and no licensing fees, it makes it easier than ever to get started with mobile development without breaking the bank. If you’re still looking for a way to develop mobile apps for a fraction of the cost, then you cannot ignore Xamarin.

Yet another major plus for developers using Xamarin for IOS and Native development is that they are compatible with all of the popular mobile platforms out there. This includes iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, and Windows Phone 7.

Developers can be assured that their code will be usable on most devices because it is written in C# and as such can be utilized on both Objective-C and C++. Because of its compatibility with all mobile platforms, Xamarin can be used to develop cross-platform apps.

Lastly, Xamarin offers very powerful integration with Visual Studio. Integrations with different types of software such as Visual Studio C#, Xcode, and Android Studio make it easier than ever for coders and programmers to collaborate on mobile app development projects.

It also integrates with different types of databases including Microsoft Exchange. Developers can seamlessly access user information from all platforms and continue working on the same project even if they need to switch devices.

With so many benefits and coding libraries available through various providers, Xamarin makes it easier than ever before to develop iOS and Android apps that run on the most popular mobile platforms out there. While this is not the complete list of benefits, it’s enough to show why Xamarin is an outstanding choice for app developers.

In addition, Xamarin provides a great deal of assistance and tutorials to assist them through the entire development process. By taking into account the compatibility and ease of use along with powerful tools and integrated development with Visual Studio, Xamarin makes app development on iOS and Android an extremely smooth and enjoyable experience.